An Inkjet Print Gun: How It Works and Benefits


Do you want to take your printing work to another level? If you answered yes, this is the right time to invest in portable and high-quality devices that make it easier to print your label while holding the functioning machine. A good example is the inkjet print gun which is now available for sale at Alibaba. You do not have to spend so much on the purchase because there is a variety and you choose based on what you can afford.

A look at the inkjet print gun, how it works, and its benefits

Also known as a piston printer, an inkjet print gun looks like a typical price labeling machine used in supermarkets. However, unlike a price labeling machine, an inkjet print gun does not transfer a price label. Instead, it is a printing mechanism that sprays ink on a material. This article will explain how it works and its benefits.

How does an inkjet print gun work?

An inkjet print gun works by spraying ink droplets onto paper when you trigger its mechanism. The sprayed ink droplets build a complete image from minuscule blots. The quality of the image produced by the inkjet printer depends on the number of dots per inch that the printer produces. The printer is wireless. However, it is connected to computer hardware or system containing images and graphic designs.

Modern inkjet gun printers can print simple graphic elements like QR codes, LOGOs, and simple designs. These machines use fast-drying ink. Therefore, you need not worry about the ink droplets causing a mess or damaging the design as you print it.

What are the benefits of inkjet print guns?

Inkjets print guns are currently quite popular. Here are some of the benefits that inkjet print guns offer:

They are easy to use

Most people fear modern technology because they assume it is hard to master. So, some people will steer clear of some devices because they do not want to go through the struggle of learning something new. However, this is not the case with inkjet print guns. These devices are so easy to use as you only need to press on the trigger mechanism. It is as easy as that!

They are flexible

One of the top benefits of inkjet print guns is their flexibility. Firstly, they are small devices, like a labeling machine, that you can carry around easily, unlike a traditional printer. Additionally, you can use them for various purposes, like printing LOGOs, expiry dates, serial numbers, and QR codes on products.

They are cheap

Another benefit of inkjet print guns is their cost efficiency. It is worth noting that this is a relatively modern printer technology. Therefore, there aren’t too many competing manufacturers in this sector. However, the prices are still incredibly fair. Furthermore, inkjet print guns are maintenance-free, which makes them cheaper.


Now that you know about inkjet print guns and how they work, you can consider purchasing one. Alibaba is a fantastic place to start if you do not know where to buy the product. The platform will provide you with numerous choices from which you can choose the best product.


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