Water cooling vs. heat sinks


Imagine this; you are sitting in your room late at night trying to get some important work done, whether it is your school assignments, trying to get an hour or two of gaming in, or wanting to spend more time watching your favorite content. After spending so many hours consistently on your PC, it is bound to end u having some drawbacks on your CPU.

Namely, the CPU you use is bound to get overheated and overclocked, meaning that there is too much strain on your computer. To combat that, many people may try to go for water cooling heat sink systems, which can effectively work together to get rid of heat away from your CPU so that it can perform better.

The thing is that with liquid and air cooling, there are advantages and disadvantages, and we will cover both of them. So let’s get started!

Liquid cooling


  • It offers one of the best heat regulations ever, as it can allow you to spend as much time as you want on your PC without feeling the need that it is being overclocked, and it will not overheat no matter what.
  • It looks aesthetically pleasing, and people who desire ugly gaming sets know well enough that aesthetics matter. For that reason, liquid cooling looks way better than air cooling.
  • Lastly, it is very quiet, meaning that it will not contribute to further noise pollution, and you can continue gaming or working on your assignment without feeling the need to focus on the noise.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages is that it offers is that it takes a lot of effort and time to install the actual parts on the system, meaning that many people will find it very time-consuming and rather not bother with it.
  • Expense is another disadvantage that water cooling can provide, as many people do not have the budget and can not install water coolers.



  • For people who are not hardcore gamers or use their PCs for assignments, heat sinks can work just fine, as they do not require that much effort and can handle most PC systems.
  • The installation process is extremely easy compared to water coolers, as it takes less than a few minutes. Therefore, many people could prefer a heat sink compared to a water cooler.
  • If you can not afford an expensive water cooler, then a heat sink is the way to go as it is inexpensive.


  • Compared to water coolers that are relatively quiet and do not produce that much sound, you will find yourself getting irritated by the sound of a heat sink; as it dissipates heat, it will produce a lot of noise. Therefore keep that in mind when purchasing a heat sink.
  • If you want to spend hours and hours doing hardcore gaming, then a heat sink is not the best option, as heat sinks are not made to handle 4K graphics or the highest fps. Therefore, you should always keep in mind your options.


All in all, these are some things that you should keep in mind when you want to invest in a proper setup for your CPU.


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