Frequently Asked Queries about Screw Compressors


The entire working of a rotary screw compressor involves the utilization of two rotors for trapping air and the volume of that air is reduced as it travels down the rotor. As a result of this reduction in volume, a compressed form of air is obtained that is then used for several purposes.

Although it is pretty understandable, there will be some people who have queries about it. Similarly, not only about working but people who have queries related to rotary screw compressors for instance how to buy it from The given article is a detailed answer to all these queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the asked questions along with their detailed answer are mentioned below:

What Is The Operating Principle Practiced By A Rotary Screw Compressor?

In a rotary screw compressor, rotation motion is used. Inside the screw compressor two rotors are used in which one is known as male and the other one is female. Both are oppositely designed so that air became trapped between them. In addition, the male one contains convex lobes and the other one contains concave cavities.

But the principle of compression is used in piston compression. Valves are not present in the screw element. So that it can move at a high speed with not any type of volumetric or any other losses. A large flow rate can be combined in a screw technology by using a compact.

Why A Person Should Go Ahead With A Rotary Screw Compressor?

If you want to go with a rotary screw compressor then firstly you need to know the best and according to your need one. So that you may get more benefits in your business. You can view some of the advantages that are given below to know the importance of rotary screw compressors in business.

  • A rotary screw compressor is built in such a way that it can survive in any condition no matter how the weather is.
  • The inner system of a rotary screw compressor is very impressive as it not only works silently but also works so fast and accurately.
  • While working a rotary screw compressor also prioritize energy compression.
  • The material for building a rotary screw compressor has good quality as it will survive for a few years.
  • The setup for building a regular rotary screw compressor is soo easy.
  • If you want to enhance your business in the market then a rotary screw compressor is a good option.

What Applications Does A Screw Compressor Have?

If you are running a less productive business like a workshop or a small factory. Then you can use a rotary screw compressor when you are dissatisfied with the piston compressor working. A rotary screw compressor has higher capacity and smooth airflow as compared to a piston compressor so they are also known as the upgrade version of a piston compressor.

Is There Any Difference Between Oil Free And Oil Injected Rotary Compressors?

You will see that the rotary screw compressor that is used in trucks and vans is oil injected which means oil is used in that area to lubricate the rotors. Which results in creating a high pressure with a smooth airflow silently. In some industries and medical applications no oily things are needed so that oil-free rotary screw compressor is used in that area.

The oil-injected rotary screw compressor allows the compressor system to provide high CFM psi. Oil-free rotary screw compressors are more expensive than oil-free ones because they need two stages of compression to achieve the oil-injected-like pressure.

Wise Words

It’s a basic thought that whenever a person hears about technology or comes across any technology than a few questions will emerge in his mind. These questions may be about its structure, working or even history, etc. Similarly, a great number of people have different thoughts regarding screw compressors and they should be detached to remove conclusions.


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